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How To Listen To The Appendix

The Appendix is not your typical rap album. In fact, it’s the first ever Albumentary. What this means is that, The Appendix is an album and a documentary combined. It is both music and commentary. Where the elements in a standard documentary have video, with music attached to assist with transitions, or to exemplify the point the video commentary is making; An albumentary is more music, with some non-musical commentary to assist with transitions, and the content of the songs. Hence the term Albumentary. In many ways, this is a project that has created a new genre of music. So then, how do you listen to an Albumentary? What do you need to know to better understand what what you are listening to?

How is the Albumentary constructed?

The Appendix Stage (Sheesh- Sons of Abraham)

This project has four major stages . The first stage, “Sheesh” through “Sons of Abraham” is the appendix section of the album. The section is primarily a brief continuation from the previous album #See 4. Initially, The Appendix was going to be an album entirely devoted to additional information about the songs from #See 4. Kind of like the appendix in the back of a book gives further information about what you read in the book, The Appendix was going to do the same. But in the course of constructing the project it really took on a life of it’s own and transitioned from an album to an albumentary

Four of the first five songs will have another song attached to it. Monkeys is the only one that doesn't. These songs are developing the songs that were on the previous release (#See 4)

Sheesh/A song called Justice from #See 4

Monkeys/A song called Justice from #See 4

Known/A song called Orphans from #See 4

Knowledge/A song called Taken from #See 4

Sons of Abraham/A song called Trees from #See 4

While the content of these songs are important to the overall Albumentary, they are not necessarily a part of the Albumentary sections on the album. How these fit on the project will be discussed thoroughly in a different context

The Historical Stage (Crawling-See)

This section is where the Albumentary begins. After a brief explanation of the transitional change about to take place on the album (explained by Curt Kennedy at the end of Sons of Abraham), the album immediately feels different. In this stage, you will hear content in musical form, and content that is oral and not musical that guides you as the listener to the burdens Curt Kennedy is bringing to light.

In this stage you will hear some historical background that will be both shocking, inspiring, and upsetting. This stage, with its non-musical commentaries, is meant to challenge the listener by re-orienting the mind to see things differently than may have been previously seen them before. Whether you agree or disagree with the content in this stage, it will be difficult not to feel some tension

The Consequences Stage (Sunken Place-PSA)

This stage transitions to the effects of the historical stage. Whether we like it or not, there are consequences to past actions that, in some cases, cannot be undone. During this stage you will be guided through the personal and cultural impact of the habits, patterns, and attitudes that come out of the historical stage

This section will challenge the listener emotionally, as the historical consequences come closer to home. It is in this stage when we realize we have, in some way shape or form, been affected by the history that we have all inherited

The Response Stage (The Gawspel-Least of These)

This is the final stage of The Appendix. This section of songs covers more the response the listener should have after processing the historical and consequential stages. This stage of songs is short like the first stage (The Appendix Stage). It offers the most hope to the listener as to how to respond in a more helpful way to the challenges that are still present in this current cultural climate

This is a brief guide that will help you navigate your way through the albumentary called “The Appendix.” Buckle Up! This is a journey…

A must….

A must….

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